About Me

Career Development, Interview Preparation, Coaching.

I'm a career builder. I assist mature adults, manage career transitions and return to the workforce after illness, loss, or extended periods away, providing personalised career coaching, job search strategies, career assessment and planning, and interview preparation. I also offer leadership development and executive presence training, including strategies for career advancement and achieving leadership roles.

As an experienced organisational development practitioner, I leverages extensive local, national and international knowledge and industry insights to offer tailored guidance and support for each client's unique situation. With a Master's degree in strategic organisational development, and undergrad study in industrial psychology, anthropology and work religions, I build connection, and help find meaning and purpose in work.

Iā€™ve lived, worked, and led large teams across Asia, Australia and the Pacific. My world view is formed by these broad experiences. Today I live on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, and I can't think of a better place to live and work!

Out of all I've done, most importantly to me, Iā€™m a dad.

If you would like to rebuild your career, or explore your career potential, then contact us via the 'Get in Touch' section to the left, and book a session or simply request further information. We look forward to hearing from you! šŸ˜€